About Me

Hi, my name is Jamie Kiley. I’m a solo female travel junkie blogging about the best solo tips to make alone in the U.S. and abroad. I’m addicted to adventure and passionate about sharing how women and men can find destinations around the world they can travel alone.

After wasting a good portion of my 20s in and out of high-demand relationships, I decided to strap up my boot straps and embrace a solo trip to the Cayman Islands for my 30th birthday (how’s that for a pre-midlife crisis, am I right?). Well, I got hooked quickly. I had always waited for others to put in the energy and motivation to planning vacations, which left me without living my dream of traveling the world. I was dependent on splitting costs and sharing travel plans. That trip, I realized the bliss of picking my destination, my schedule, my timeline. I also realized if you spend just a fraction more time planning, you can find affordable travel, food, (adult beverages!) and room and board.

The toxic fear traps society has created of being abducted and being killed trapped me from stepping out, too. But truth is, life isn’t a movie. If you’re level-headed and follow simple rules, you can minimize any risks to yourself to next to less than one in a ten million chance.

You can expect me to be blogging about the best practices when solo traveling, best excursions, best companies, destinations, day activities, and night life experiences. I’m wanting to share this freedom that I’ve found and help women and men get out of their funk and into their trips of their dreams.